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This list contains an aggregate inventory from all Your Serve Tennis locations. Visit or call any location and we can have the items sent to the most convenient location for you. If you do not live in the Atlanta area, contact us at

Current Adult Racquets from Pro Kennex
12334 $169.99
PRO KENNEX Ki15 300g 105 Buy Now!

13413 $169.99

13415 $169.99
PRO KENNEX Q+TOUR 98 (2019) Buy Now!

13416 $169.99
PRO KENNEX Q+TOUR PRO 98 325g (2019) Buy Now!

13417 $169.99
PRO KENNEX Q+TOUR PRO 98 315g (2019) Buy Now!

14611 $199.99
PRO KENNEX Ki Q+30 119 Buy Now!

14613 $199.99
PRO KENNEX Q+30 119 (2019) Buy Now!

14631 $189.99
PRO KENNEX Ki Q+15 LIGHT 105 Buy Now!

14632 $189.99
PRO KENNEX Ki Q+15 105 Buy Now!

14633 $189.99
PRO KENNEX Q+15 LIGHT 105 (2019) Buy Now!

14634 $189.99
PRO KENNEX Q+15 105 (2019) Buy Now!

14635 $189.99
PRO KENNEX Q+15 PRO 105 (2019) Buy Now!

14683K $179.99
PRO KENNEX Ki Q+5 100 Buy Now!

14684K $179.99
PRO KENNEX Ki Q+5 PRO 100 Buy Now!

14686K $179.99
PRO KENNEX Q+5 100 (2019) Buy Now!

14688K $179.99
PRO KENNEX Q+5 PRO 100 (2019) Buy Now!

14689 $179.99
PRO KENNEX Q+5X PRO 100 (2019) Buy Now!

15121 $199.99
PRO KENNEX BLACK ACE 300g 100 Buy Now!

15123 $199.99
PRO KENNEX BLACK ACE 315g 100 Buy Now!

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